Hi-Grains is a delicious and nutritious multigrain beverage that is formulated
with 18 premium grains.
Hi-Grains offers 2 unique flavors,
Hojicha and Cranberry with Collagen.

Double your Beauty,
Double your Wellness

High in Antioxidant

Hojicha contains antioxidants which protects your skin from cell damage and oxidation.

Boost Metabolism

Contains almond that increase meta bolic rate and promote weight loss.

Aids Digestion

Rich in dietary fibres which promote good digestion and maintain healthy gut.

Double your Beauty,
Double your Wellness


Phytonutrients have antioxidant properties that help prevent cell throughout the body.

Replenish Glowing Skin

Collagen improves skin elasticity and reduces visible wrinkles. It is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us that plump, youthful look.

Healthy Weight Control

Hi-Grains Cranberry is rich in fiber which provides fullness that lasts up to 4 hours. It helps manage hunger and weight control.

Cranberry with Collagen

Hi-Grains Cranberry & Collagen is specially formulated for restoring both health and beauty. The unique formulation of cranberry extracts, collagen, rose powder, gingko and astaxanthin provides high antioxidants that combats aging and restore beauty.


Relax with a cup of Hojicha with added benefits from 18 premium multigrain! Hi-Grains Hojicha offers a unique blend of multigrain, malt extract and Japanese roasted green tea (Hojicha) which promotes faster metabolism and better digestion.

Ostricare Hi-Grains is fortified
with nutrients that not only provides
health benefits but enhance your
natural beauty as well!

Yang Aida

Best Tasting Multigrain
In Malaysia

I'm so addicted to the subtle yet hazelnut-like aroma of Hi-Grains Hojicha and plus it taste very good too, not too sweet!


My Skin Looks Brighter

Hi-Grains Cranberry contains 18 key nutrients like beetroot, rose powder, inulin and cranberry that fits my skincare needs!


My Choice Of Breakfast Substitute

Hi-Grains Hojicha as it is very filling and it enables me to focus in my work without constantly feeling hungry and lethargic.

  • Is Hi-Grains halal certified?


  • Is Hi-Grains suitable for vegetarian?


    -Hi-Grains Hojicha is suitable for vegetarian to consume. Hi-Grains Cranberry With Collagen contains fish collagen which makes it not suitable for vegetarian.
  • Can pregnant women consume Hi-Grains?


    -Pregnant women can enjoy Hi-Grains Hojicha without any issue. We do not advise pregnant women to consume Hi-Grains Cranberry as according to Compendium of Materia Medica, rose powder is a stimulant that can improve blood circulation. Due to the effectiveness of the rose powder as a stimulant, we do not recommend pregnant women to consume Hi-Grains Cranberry.
  • How do I prepare Hi-Grains?


    -Mix three scoops of Hi-Grains into 150ml of water. Can be served in cold or hot water.
  • How many servings per can of Hi-Grains?


    -For Hojicha it can last approximately 16 cups. For Cranberry with Collagen, it can last 20 cups.
  • What is the best time to drink Hi-Grains?


    -Hi-Grains can be consumed at any time of the day. It is best to drink it in the morning as our body can absorb more nutrients in the morning.
  • Can people with constipation take Hi-Grains?


    -Hi-Grains is rich in fiber which provides bulk movement to stools and promote bowel movement.
  • Can dialysis patients drink Hi-Grains?


    -Patients undergoing dialysis can enjoy Hi-Grains as well but it is advisable to consume 1 cup a day.
  • Can people with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol drink Hi-Grains?


    -Hi-Grains contains phytonutrients which can reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
  • Can people with gastric drink Hi-Grains?


    -People who suffer from gastric and digestion issues benefit from Hi-Grains as it contains fiber which provides a protective layer that shields gastric acid from our stomach lining.
  • Can people with diabetes drink Hi-Grains?


    -Diabetic patients can enjoy Hi-Grains as well but it is advisable to consume 1 cup a day.